Hunting With Peregrine Bullets

Eland, 300 Win, 165 gr BushMaster, 76 yards,  frontal shot.
Kudu, shot by Henna Du Plessis with a 300 Win loaded with a 165 gr Peregrine BushMaster bullet from 76 yards,  frontal shot.
Giraffe - 308 Win, 180 gr BushMaster, 40 yards, broadside
Giraffe shot by Frik Du Preez Jr. with a 308 Win, loaded with a 180gr Peregrine BushMaster bullet from 40 yards,  broadside shot.
Elephant, 458 Win Mag,500 gr Solid Brass, 13 yards, full frontal.
Elephant shot with a 458 Win Mag, loaded with a 500 gr Peregrine Solid Brass bullet from 13 yards, full frontal shot.
Forest Buffelo, 275H&H, 300 gr BushMaster
Bongo shot by Francois Roux with a 275H&H, loaded with a 300 gr Peregrine BushMaster bullet in the Congo jungle.
Common Waterbuck, 30-06 Springfield, 180 gr BushMaster, 135 yards, quartering away
Common Waterbuck, shot with a 30-06 Springfield loaded with a 180 gr Peregrine BushMaster bullet from 135 yards,  quartering away. Read his lifetime trophy story here.
Oryx, 378 Wby, 236gr PlainsMaster, 240 yards, broadside
Oryx shot by Adriaan Rall Jr with a 378 Wby loaded with a 236gr Peregrine PlainsMaster bullet from 240 yardsbroadside shot.
Buffalo, 375H&H, 300gr Solid Copper, 70 yards, full frontal
Cape Buffalo shot by Wynand Kruger with a 375H&H loaded with a 300gr Peregrine  Solid Copper bullet from 70 yards, the bullet impacting at a full frontal angle.
Cape Eland, 458 Lott, 500gr BushMaster, 87 yards, quartering away
Cape Eland shot by Andries Vermeulen with a 458 Lott, loaded with a 500gr Peregrine  BushMaster bullet from 87 yards, quartering away. Read his story
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Target Practice At The Range With Peregrine Bullets

3 shot grouping, 180gr Match, 110 yards, 300 Win Mag.
Hannes v Biljon’s 3 shot grouping with a 180gr Peregrine Match Reloading bullet at a distance of 110 yards with 300 Win Mag.
338 Win Mag, 200gr PlainsMaster grouping, 110 yards. Bullet velocities @3050 fps
Jacques Christi’s 338 Win Mag 200gr Peregrine PlainsMaster bullet grouping at 110 yards. Bullet velocities @3050 fps
Dual groupings, 350 gr Solid Copper and BushMaster, 50m, velocities of 2260fps
Braam Cronje’s tight dual groupings of the 350 gr Peregrine Solid Copper and Peregrine BushMaster bullets fired at 54 yards reaching velocities of 2260fps
Grouping of 3, 165 gr Match, 308 Win, 110 yards, bullet velocity: 2640fps
Andre Vermeulen’s grouping of 3 with 165 gr Peregrine Match reloading bullets for a 308 Win at 110 yards bullet velocity: 2640fps
5-shot, 1/2 MOA grouping, 125gr PlainsMaster Bullets, 6.5 Creedmoor, 100 yards
Hermann Weidemann’s [5-shot, 1/2 MOA] grouping of 125gr Peregrine PlainsMaster Bullets with a 6.5 Creedmoor at 100 yards. [41.4gr H4350, COL 2.822″]
Two shot grouping, 200gr PlainsMaste, 500 yards, 30-378
Des Erasmus’ tight grouping of two shots with 200gr Peregrine PlainsMaster bullets at a distance of 500 yards with his 30-378